What is Post Spirituality?

The goal of Post Spirituality is to create a safe place to explore alternatives to religion, and to sort out where one goes from here. We may challenge each other’s beliefs, and that’s as it should be. Having our beliefs challenged is the only way to grow. But, we are not here to convert anyone to anything or “build a … ➔ more

Contact Us

Please contact us using this form, thru MeetUp, or by mailing to this address.

A Short Story of How We Got Here

We started out trying to be a church. But that went nowhere fast. The world really did not need another church. Then we started a discussion group, Spiritual Intersections. And that was a lot of fun. People showed up. Our goal was to be open and honest. We questioned everything. No subject or opinion was out-of-bounds. No sacred cows. No consensus … ➔ more