A Short Story of How We Got Here

We started out trying to be a church. But that went nowhere fast. The world really did not need another church. Then we started a discussion group, Spiritual Intersections. And that was a lot of fun. People showed up. Our goal was to be open and honest. We questioned everything. No subject or opinion was out-of-bounds. No sacred cows. No consensus … ➔ more

Our Ground Rules

Here’s our meetup rules. We read them at the start of every meeting. ✓ Post Spirituality is here to create a safe place for people leaving Christianity, and religion in general. ✓ Confidentiality. What is said here, stays here. If in doubt, leave it out. ✓ We come from different backgrounds and have different views. We will not agree on … ➔ more

Contact Us

Please contact us thru our MeetUp Group or stop by our next meeting. We do not have a public email address or phone number.