A Short Story of How We Got Here

We started out trying to be a church.

But that went nowhere fast.

The world really did not need another church.

Then we started a discussion group, Spiritual Intersections.

And that was a lot of fun. People showed up.

11 people of all backgroungs at a Spiritual Intersections' pizza night

Our goal was to be open and honest. We questioned everything. No subject or opinion was out-of-bounds. No sacred cows. No consensus building. We wanted to challenge our spiritual ideas, and grow and learn from each other.

And that was a problem.

When you really start looking at Christianity – something many of us had completely bought into – it just doesn’t add up. Others came from different traditions: Islam, Wicca, flat earth, LDS. And they don’t add up either.

We looked at religions objectively. Not just trust me, but show me; prove to me that “this is the one”. And we could not do it. And we really tried.

And so now we are Post Spirituality.

We’ve created a place where we can explore this new post-religion reality. And share with and support each other in the journey.

If you’re kind of in that same place, come join us in this journey.

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