Post Spirituality Meetup

Event Details

This event is running from 7 January 2019 until 14 December 2020. It is next occurring on September 2, 2019 8:00 pm

  • Venue: Bosa Donuts (Elliott & Dobson) in Chandler
  • Upcoming Dates:

Many of us came from a Christian background. Others came from different traditions: Islam, Wicca, flat earth, LDS. And then we started looking at religions objectively. Not just trust me, but show me. Prove to me that “this is the one”. And we could not do it. And we really tried. Christianity just didn’t add up. And neither did any of the others.

And so we started Post Spirituality. A safe place to explore alternatives to religion, and to work out how to deal with this new journey.

We question everything. No subject or opinion is out-of-bounds. Everyone’s viewpoint is valued, and challenged. We’re here to explore, not come to a consensus. And we want it to be relaxed and fun.

Here’s some recent topics:

. does accepting the Bible is the ultimate authority twist your view of reality?
. can you still have trust or peace if you don’t believe in a higher power?
. to who or what do you show gratitude when you no longer have God?
. is the individual or the group more important?

And some topics we want to explore:

. for good people to do evil things, it takes religion.
. how can we know or prove what truth is?
. trading freedom for security.
. how much of intelligence is really just evolution?
. how much is “God” responsible for?
. who created sin?
. why is “God’s love” always limited?

We ask questions, enjoy donuts, a coffee or soft drink, explore post-spiritual topics, and talk about what’s on our mind.

At the meetups, you may find…

. Atheists, Christians, Pantheists, Wiccans, Mormons, Muslims, and Agnostics
. Straight, Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Transgender, Queer / Questioning

Our goal is not consensus, but to explore and test ideas and learn from each other. In that process, we help each other as we travel this post-religion journey. It’s a very informal group, with the topics each week being selected at the meetup.

If any of this sounds interesting, come explore with us.

Note… Bosa Donuts has multiple locations in Chandler. We’re meeting at the one on Elliott and Dobson Roads. Directions

Look for us (and the happy cactus) in the back meeting room. The donuts are on us.