Leaving Christianity Meetup

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This event finished on 25 November 2019

Our meetups are a safe place for people leaving Christianity, and religion in general.

We’re not here to convert anyone or “build a consensus”. We’re a safe place where you can explore, ask questions, and find support in your own journey.

To be honest, the answers are not always fun. Replacing “God’s got this” with “You’re on your own – good luck” is not warm and fuzzy. But it allows you start dealing with reality as it is and make true changes. No more saying “if I can just hang on a little longer, or pray a little harder”.

Our regulars include ex-pastors, atheists and a wide variety of faith backgrounds. We’re informal, with the topics selected each week at the meetup. Your questions and topic ideas are welcome.

Recent topics have included:

. God loves you unconditionally – aah, that’s not in the Bible.
. Did Judas end up in heaven (Matthew) or hell (Acts)?
. True or False? Religion destroys families.
. Why is it that we’re supposed to help, but God doesn’t have to?
. God is a loving God. God is a jealous God. Which is it? You can’t be both.
. Salvation: Love me or I will torment you forever.
. Notice that no matter what happens or how bad it gets, “God is good”. It’s never God’s fault.
. Religion: Is it all just about feelings?
. The biblical basis for the Inquisition.
. Religion teaches us that it’s a virtue to be satisfied with not understanding.
. To whom or what do you show gratitude to when you no longer have God?

Come explore with us. We usually have 5 to 10 people at each meetup.

Note… Bosa Donuts has multiple locations in Chandler. We’re meeting at the one on Elliott and Dobson Roads. Directions

The meeting runs from 8 pm until 10 pm, but there’s no problem if you need to leave early. Look for us (and the happy cactus) in the back meeting room.

The meeting are free. Buy something to drink if you want. We’re buying the donuts.

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